Bonnie Cripe PhD, LMSW
Phone: (231) 592-8090 

Bonnie has conducted a number of workshops both internationally and throughout the United States on a variety of topics.  She enjoys presenting workshops and classes at The Centre Building and also sponsors other speakers in order to provide a wide range of topics and information to the community. 

Healing Through Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a tool that can be used for so much more than weight loss and smoking cessation! Healing through hypnotherapy can also reduce or sometimes eliminate symptoms of certain diseases. It has been used to help with phobias and anxiety disorders; for pain management, addiction, self-empowerment, healing relationships and much, much more!! In reality, all hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis; no one can make you do anything without your permission. This is both an informative and experiential workshop. Come and learn more about this powerful healing tool; learn how to access the healer within and in the process change your life! 

Coping with Grief, Loss and Change

Divorce, death, loss of a job, moving and illness are examples of the many changes and losses we experience in life. Learn how to cope with the changes and losses in your life in a healthy way and grow through them rather than allowing them to stop you from moving forward in your life.  This workshop would be helpful for those who are grieving themselves as well as those who would like to help others.

Stress Management for Life

Are you feeling “stretched to the limit” and tired? Are you feeling like you are just getting “through” the day instead of “from” the day? Learn how to manage your life instead of having it manage you.

The Communication Connection 

Does it seem like you are not communicating as effectively as you would like to with people in your life? Do you feel like you are not as close to your spouse or significant other as you would like to be? Does it often seem like what you say and what people seem to hear is different than what you meant? 

We are all unique individuals and that includes how we communicate with one another. Learn about how to communicate effectively with people by understanding about different learning styles, love languages, body language, emotional and cultural filters, and how to listen effectively. 

Finding Balance in Your Life: Understanding Archetypes and Chakras as a Path to Healing

In understanding, healing and developing our seven main chakras we touch almost every aspect of our lives and can effect remarkable growth and change within.  Each chakra is represented by various archetypes.  Archetypes are projections or mirrors of all the emotional qualities which come from the core of human experience – strengths, weaknesses, love and hate, courage and fear.  This is a fun and interactive workshop. 

Color in our lives – What Colors Communicate

Color permeates every area of our lives from the way we feel to how we think and even our perceptions.

Color is the universal language. Everything you see and everything you touch has an element of color in it.  Our language is filled with statements or sayings about color that are fairly universal in our culture. 

Learn why you choose certain colors over another and about how color influences every area of your life!

Discovering your Path and Your Potential 

Are you feeling stuck?   Do you feel like you can’t get to where you say you want to be?  Do you feel like healthy relationships, a successful business, a college degree or just more time for fun seems out of reach for you?

Learn what keeps you from getting what you truly desire and begin finding your true path and potential.  This is a fun interactive workshop packed with information that you can apply to your life in a practical way.

Exploring Past Lives as a Path to Healing this Life 

Past life exploration can be a powerful tool for healing your life today.  Nothing is truly in the past until it is healed.  Exploring past lives can help you to understand your current relationships; learn about your soul’s journey; understand relationships or understand why you are drawn to a particular country or time in history. 

 Beyond the Physical:  Past Lives, Soul Groups and More

We are so much more than our bodies!  We are all part of something so much bigger than the world we see and experience with our physical bodies.  Come join us in learning about the past, the future, soul groups, soul mates and twin souls and more.  Discover the knowing within yourself about something more than meets the eye. 

Family Themes Across Generations – The Legacy of Family Hurt

Diseases and behaviours often ‘run in the family’. Pain, grief, uncertainty and anxiety, mental and physical ailments, inadequate behavior can be contagious. Unconsciously we may go on sabotaging ourselves through hidden patterns that we incorporated during early childhood and adolescence. Imprinted by our family system, ‘handed down’ by our parents, we suffer from ailments that find their origin in the family past and then pass them down to our children and future generations.  

This is a powerful, experiential workshop focused on healing the generational hurt that has been passed down and also realizing the gifts that we have received as well.